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Square Enix
Square Enix.png
Type Public
Founded April 1, 2003 (merger of Square Co., Ltd. and Enix)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Parent Company N/A
Website http://www.square-enix.com

SQUARE ENIX (Japanese: スクウェア・エニックス) is a Japanese producer of popular video games and manga. The main genre in which Square Enix competes is the role playing games genre, with such major video game franchises as the Final Fantasy series and the Dragon Quest series (previously known as Dragon Warrior in North America). Square Enix was formed as the result of a merger between Squaresoft and Enix that was finalized and took effect as of April 1, 2003. Enix officially absorbed Square, with Square stockholders receiving only 0.81 shares of stock in the new company compared to Enix stockholders receiving a one-to-one trade. Despite this, many top officials within Square assumed leadership roles in the new corporate hierarchy, including Square president Yoichi Wada, who was appointed president of the new corporation.

Square Enix has regional operations, including Square Enix, Inc. (for all of North America) and Square Enix, Ltd. (for Europe and other areas that use the PAL-television standard). It also owns fellow game developer and publisher Eidos.

During July 2009, Square Enix obtained the publishing rights to all of Eidos' IP including the Tomb Raider franchise, as Eidos was absorbed into Square Enix Europe, a new Square Enix division. The Eidos publishing brand may end in 2010.

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The Dragon Quest game franchise has been considered the most popular game series in Japan, according an official poll, and each new installment of the series routinely breaks Japanese sales records. The Final Fantasy game franchise has been considered Square Enix's most important asset, and it is the best selling Square Enix franchise worldwide.

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