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A popular RTS created by Blizzard Entertainment and released in April 1998. StarCraft has similarities to an earlier game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. StarCraft is still playable online over Blizzard's free gaming service, This video game was also ported to the Nintendo 64 as StarCraft 64.



See Terran (StarCraft) for Details

The Terrans are humans who were exiled from Earth. Terrans are good at both adapting to a situation and manipulating technology.


See Zerg for Details

Created by the Xel'Naga from insignificant critters, the Zerg are now expert killers, and experts at making use of whatever resources are available.


See Protoss for Details

Also created by the Xel'Naga. These beings, created long ago to be perfect in form, have mastered technology, but are oftentimes stubborn, unwilling to change even when it's a necessity.

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