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Cheat Codes

Press enter during gameplay to bring up a message prompt. Type in the following codes without the quotes to get the desired effect.

Cheat Effect
show me the money 10,000 Minerals and Gas
whats mine is mine 500 Crystals
breathe deep 500 Vespene Gas
modify the phase variance Build Anything
staying alive Continue Playing After Win
noglues Enemy Can't Use Psionics
operation cwal Faster Building
the gathering Free Unit Spells/Abilities
something for nothing Free Upgrades
game over man Instant Loss
there is no cow level Instant Win
power overwhelming Invincible Units
war aint what it used to be No Fog of War
food for thought No Supply Limit
black sheep wall Reveal Entire Map
ophelia Enable Mission Select (This must be enabled before using the following codes.)
protoss# - (Replace # with number of mission.) Protoss Level Skip
terran# - (Replace # with number of mission.) Terran Level Skip
zerg# - (Replace # with number of mission.) Zerg Level Skip


  • Air unit glitch: When your opponent has a missile turret, you can send an air unit right on top of the missile turret and it will stop firing.
  • Permanent Zergling Cloak: Use a protoss and md (mind control) and a zergling. Have the arbitar patrol a short distance and out. Make sure it comes close enough that it cloaks the ling. Burrow the ling. When the arbitar comes close to the zergling, select the burrowed zergling, then unburrow to permanently cloak it. If done correctly, it will be cloaked. But Detector units can easily spot it.
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