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Star Fox 2 was going to be the sequel to Star Fox for the SNES, but was cancelled before release. ROM dumps of prototype builds have been released, shedding some light on what the game could have been. It is generally believed that it was cancelled due to the upcoming debut of the Nintendo 64, and the coming end of the SNES.

The game was to have some features that were never implemented, such as two new characters (A lynx named Miyu and a poodle named Fay), and different types of Arwing to control. These Arwing models had different strengths and weaknesses, some being balanced, while the other two were fast but weak, or slow but tough. Each model also had different special attack, instead of everyone having the same Bomb.

It was included with the SNES Classic in 2017 and made available on the Nintendo Switch through the SNES - Nintendo Switch Online.

Relationship with Star Fox 64[]

Much of what was to be in Star Fox 2 ended up in Star Fox 64, such as all-range mode, which takes the game off-rails. Some speculate that one of the new wingmen, Miyu, was replaced by Bill Grey, Fox's friend and fellow pilot from Katina. Star Fox 2 was also going to have a multiplayer mode, which was also included in Star Fox 64.

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