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Star Trek: Conquest is a video game set in the Star Trek universe. The game features both turn-based strategy and real time strategy gameplay. It was developed by Scottish studio 4J Studios, which previously developed Star Trek: Encounters, and was published by Bethesda Softworks for the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

The game is set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era, with players able to choose six groups and races: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Breen, Cardassian and Dominion. These races are the main combatants of the Dominion War featured in Deep Space Nine.


Stardate 41153.2: It is a time of unrest; all major races are at war, age-old alliances are forgotten and diplomacy is dead. Powerful fleets prowl the galaxy, vanquishing indigenous and enemy fleets alike, in the pursuit of galactic domination.



Star Trek: Conquest is played in turns. Each turn allows the player to purchase facilities or ships, construct Special Weapons or commission an Admiral. Fleets can move between friendly and attack enemy systems as well, but if players engage in combat, they must resolve it immediately.

The goal is to conquer the galaxy by eliminating all enemies by taking their Home World.

If players lose their homeworld, they will no longer be able to commission Admirals or construct Special Weapons.


Skirmish mode allows players to set-up battles without playing the campaign. Victory is achieved by destroying all of the opponent's ships. Some options will be unavailable until unlocked through the Campaign-mode.

Galactic Map[]

The map is made up of many systems from Star Trek canon.

Mode System Rank Special Notes
40 Eridani Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars Contains Vulcan
Alpha Omicron Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Altair System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Andorian Empire Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Archanis System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Argus Array Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Lifts Fog of War
Bajor System Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Contains Deep Space Nine
Bolarus System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Borg Unicomplex Skirmish Only Unknown From Star Trek: Voyager
Breen Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Breen Home World
Callinon System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Cardassia Prime Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Cardassian Home World
Carraya System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Ceti Alpha Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Chaltok System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Chintoka System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Detria System Campaign/Skirmish 3 Stars
Dozaria System Campaign/Skirmish 3 Stars
Ferengi Alliance Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Idran System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Kelvas System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Khitomer System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Kronos Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Klingon Home World
Lappa System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Mira System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Narendra System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Nimbus System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Omarion Nebula Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Dominion Home World
Portas System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star
Regulan System Campaign/Skirmish 3 Stars
Romulus Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Romulan Home World
Sha Ka Ree Skirmish Only Unknown From Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Sol Campaign/Skirmish 4 Stars Federation Home World
Talos IV Skirmish Only Unknown From TOS Pilot Episode "The Cage"
Torros System Campaign/Skirmish 3 Stars
Ufandi System Campaign/Skirmish 3 Stars
Unefra System Campaign/Skirmish 2 Stars
Vega System Campaign/Skirmish 1 Star


Players begin Campaign mode with one free Admiral. Each Admiral comes with a Cruiser and can have up to seven ships. Admirals are commissioned/purchased at the player's homeworld, and comes in various types which bonuses to bonuses to players depending on their type: Attack, Defense, or Movement.

Experience and Ranks[]

Each battle gains experience. Once enough experience is gained, the Admiral will rise in promotion and earn improved abilities. Each Admiral starts at rank one and can move up to rank five, however, if he is defeated, all experience will be lost.


Ships can be purchased in any system occupied by the player, containing both a Starbase and Admiral.

Special Weapons[]

Each race has three different Special Weapons which can be purchased one at a time from the player's Home World. They cannot be purchased if the player has a fleet stationed at their Home World.


If enough Research Points, players can purchase upgrades to their race. Each race has a variety of 6 different upgrades.


The game features seven races.


  • Scout: Defiant class
  • Cruiser: Intrepid class
  • Dreadnought: Galaxy class
  • Special Weapons: Subspace Disruptor, Genesis Device, Healing Device


  • Can only be played in Skirmish Mode
  • Scout: Borg Sphere
  • Cruiser: Borg Tactical Cube
  • Dreadnought: Borg Cube


  • Non-Playable
  • Scout: Ferengi Shuttle
  • Dreadnought: D'Kora class


  • Scout: Bird-of-Prey class
  • Cruiser: Ravenous class
  • Dreadnought: Negh'var class
  • Special Weapons: Genesis Device, Wormhole Generator, Virus Emitter


  • Scout: Jem'Hadar Destroyer
  • Cruiser: Jem'Hadar Cruiser
  • Dreadnought: Jem'Hadar Dreadnought
  • Special Weapons: Genesis Device, Wormhole Generator, Healing Device


  • Scout: Breen Scout
  • Cruiser: Breen Cruiser
  • Dreadnought: Breen Dreadnought
  • Special Weapons: Pulse Device, Virus Emitter, Subspace Disruptor


  • Scout: Defender class
  • Cruiser: Raptor class
  • Dreadnought: Warbird class
  • Special Weapons: Virus Device, Subspace Disruptor, Healing Device


  • Scout: Hideki class
  • Cruiser: Cruiser class
  • Dreadnought: Keldon class
  • Special Weapons: Genesis Device, Pulse Device, Virus Emitter


Initial reviews were favorable with IGN describing the Wii version as "an interesting game to say the least" with a score of 6.8, but the Wii price tag means that "only hardcore Trekkies and hardcore strategy fans need apply".[1]

Most reactions though, have been strongly negative, with a 54 Metacritic rating (PS2)".[2] The out-of-character actions of Starfleet " punches gatling-phaser holes in purist Trekdom all over the place" [3] and is seen as "an offensively bad use of a cherished license"[4].


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