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Star Trek Gamers (STG) is a fan-run independent site based in the Star Trek gaming franchise.

Started in March 1999 during the tenure of Activision holding the license to publish and distribute Star Trek games it is the only Star Trek gaming fan site to manage an interview with the then Executive Director, Interactive Product Development for Paramount Pictures, Mr Harry Lang([1]). STG have also hosted Podcast based interviews with Mad Doc Software([2]) (creators of Armada, Armada 2 and Legacy), QuickSilver([3]) (creators of Starfleet Command and Tactical Assault) and a text based interview with 4j Studios (creator of Encounters).


STG as a Star Trek gaming site covers all of the 25 major Star Trek gaming titles including..

  • Star Trek: Armada([4])
  • Star Trek: Birth of the Federation([5])
  • Star Trek: Legacy([6])
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3([7])

Features & Content[]

Star Trek Gamers has an extensive game mod downloads section which covers most of the well-known games. The content of the downloads ranges from common official patches for the games to fan made game modifications. As a site it also uses the only clan/fleet directory of its kind in Star Trek gaming which is based on the clan directory designed and made by

As of August 10, 2007 it also became the first fan-run Star Trek gaming site to offer a YouTube-style video-sharing site for recorded game footage.

To date several well-known fandom sites in Star Trek have awarded Star Trek Gamers with various awards and independent reviews. Most notably, Bernd Schneider's "Ex Astris Scientia" website gave the award to the Star Trek Gamers website on two separate occasions, once in 2003([8]) and again in 2006 ([9]), so far the only website to receive the famous "horgon" logo award from EAS on two separate occasions.

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