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Star Trek Generations is a first-person shooter with adventure and strategy elements by MicroProse, based on Star Trek Generations, the seventh film in the Star Trek film franchise.


The plot follows the basic premise of the film that shares its name, but it deviates significantly.

Game storyline[]

Deviations from the film[]


The game tries to combine many computer game genres in one, not distancing from the main non-linear philosophy of alternate paths to complete the game that are followed in other Star Trek video games.

The majority of the game's strategic analysis occurs in Stellar Cartography (which also appears in the movie, although only for a few minutes) where the player plans their next move, the main opponents being time and Dr. Soran. This part of the game includes a strategic element where the player has to calculate and guess where Soran could be, in order to travel there and stop him before he destroys another star system or enlists some other form of aid. If the player takes too long, Soran gains an advantage.

The main action gameplay is when a crew member beams to a planet or space station, whereupon the game switches to a first-person action/adventure perspective. The main objective of every away mission is finding and engaging Soran, who beams away seconds before being killed by the player, sometimes leaving behind a mechanism to be disabled. The mission is then successful; however, not all away missions need to be successful to win the game.

Some enemy ships can also be encountered while in space. The game then switches to a space combat simulation perspective where the player controls the U.S.S. Enterprise-D against the enemy ship(s). The fighting system is simplified and improved over the extremely difficult tactical part of A Final Unity.

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