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Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is an expansion pack for the computer game Star Wars: Empire at War. It was shown at LucasArts' booth during E3 2006. This expansion pack was released October 24, 2006. A single player demo was made available and features one mission that also serves as a tutorial. The player must corrupt the planet of Mandalore, establish a black market on Nal Hutta, and take over the planet of Kamino.


Corruption added several new features to the original game, including a new faction, Zann Consortium. The new faction is granted several powers, including bribing enemy units, stealing credits from other factions, the ability to cloak certain ships and vehicles, slowing down enemy unit production, and purchasing units and upgrades from the black market.

Other upgrades include the ability to select the placement of structures and units on a planet's surface, the ability to pre-select which unit will be the player's starting unit during space or ground battles, mobile defense platforms (moving build pads) for ground battles, the ability to transport units in vehicles during ground battles, the ability to repair space station hardpoints, and the ability to call in an orbital bombardment when a capital ship is in orbit.

Corruption includes 13 new planets: Mandalore, Hypori, Honoghr, The Maw, Felucia, Mustafar, Kamino, Utapau, Saleucami, and Myrkr.[3] New types of terrain on some planets were added, and new terrain types include terrain that can only be crossed by infantry, as well as terrain that cannot be crossed by heavy vehicles and terrain that can damage player units.

Higher resolution textures for better graphics are included in the expansion, and larger maps (30% - 40% bigger) have been included.


The storyline begins just prior to the Battle of Yavin; as the game progresses, events from the Star Wars universe occur, such as Darth Vader's occupation of Bespin and the Battle of Endor. Tyber Zann, the leader of the Zann Consortium, begins the campaign imprisoned on Kessel; with help from Han Solo and Chewbacca, he starts a prison riot and escapes aboard the Millennium Falcon.

After his escape, Zann starts his plan to get revenge on Jabba the Hutt for his imprisonment, as well as to uncover the secrets of the artifact he stole from Jabba (the theft of which led to his incarceration). This leads him into conflict with both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

Tyber eventually goes to Yavin IV after the Death Star event for plans of the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer. Soon, he goes to the factory world of Hypori to take control of a Droideka factory ran by Jabba the Hutt. During this event, Bossk joins Tyber as he is bribed instead of killing Tyber. Yet again, Tyber wins Hypori thanks to Urai Fenn and the new Droidekas.At this time Tyber also strikes a deal with Jabba the Hutt. Tyber won't enter Jabba's territory, in exchange for the following terms:

  • The price on Tyber's head retracted.
  • The attacks on Zann Consortium space halt.
  • The surrender of Hypori and Saleucami to the Zann Consortium.

Later, Prince Xizor of the Black Sun Pirates asks Tyber to steal some containers of valuable Tibanna gas from the planet Bespin. While doing this, Tyber sets up proof on the security checkpoints that would point to the Black Sun for stealing the gas. With the help of IG-88 and Urai Fenn, Tyber is able to steal the gas and watch the Empire put an end to the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. Later then, IG-88 began programming itself to download his memory systems into the Death Star computer memory-core. This will give him an ultimate weapon to destroy planets at will, while hoping to start a droid revolution.

Later Grand Admiral Thrawn and Tyber clash in space above the Imperial-controlled planet Carida. The battle saw the debut of Tyber's flagship The Merciless - which shows very similar characteristics to that of the Aggressor Class Destroyer. Tyber was very aware that the Imperial forces would try to trap him into surrendering the artifact, but wasn't prepared for the Hyper-velocity gun established on the planet's surface - wielding the power to cripple or even destroy Capital Ships. The battle ended with Thrawn ordering a retreat. With this occurring, the information to the Zann Consortium was in danger of exposure to the Empire as Thrawn somehow managed to get information off the Death Star data pods and put Tyber's quest to conquer the galaxy in jeopardy. Tyber placed a tracking beacon on the artifact which Tyber had Bossk steal give it to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Tyber, Urai and Silri plan to raid the Emperor's personal data center on Coruscant and retrieve pass codes to get to the half complete Eclipse. Silri also manages to retrieve the Sith artifact (which is an ancient Sith Holocron) that Bossk stole from Tyber.

After the destruction of the 2nd Death Star, Tyber launches an assault on the unfinished Eclipse over Kuat. Tyber takes a large fleet to attack. Tyber is not the only one that wants the Eclipse; The Rebel Alliance also wants the Eclipse destroyed but they never get to it due to the fact that the three Space Stations guarding the planet has them distracted. Several Consortium mercenaries manage to board the Eclipse, using the superlaser to attack the Imperial fleet and Rebel starships, but malfunctions after the Millenium Falcon is destroyed. At this point, The last Imperial Super Star Destroyer, The Annihilator reveals itself accompanied with three Star Destroyers, many Cruisers and hundreds of fighters and bombers, and attacks the Consortium fleet and the captured Eclipse. After a titanic battle The Annihilator, along with the rest of the Imperial fleet, is destroyed. Tyber uses the information on the Eclipse's computer to track down the Empire's coffers, deciding against stealing the half-completed Eclipse. Silri in possession of the Sith artifact, used the Eclipse's navigation charts to find an ancient sith army frozen in carbonite, forever preserving them.