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Set before and during the Battle of Geonosis, the story features Jedi Master Adi Gallia and the hot-headed pirate from the previous game, Nym, as Gallia tests out the Republic's new weapon: the Jedi Starfighter. She meets Nym, now forcefully exiled from his base of operations on Lok from the Trade Federation, fighting, yet again, the Trade Federation as they greedily seek to create a potent weapon which to use in the upcoming Clone Wars and expand on the growing Separatist movement against the Republic. Many old favorites from the original game are now in this one, including Nym's chattery Toydarian partner, Reti. New characters include Jinkins, a Bith briefly mentioned in Star Wars Starfighter, Captain Orsai, a brave cruiser pilot, Kole, Nym's demolition expert, and the evil Captain Toth, the leader of Saboath mercenary army and the mastermind who came up with the deadly Hex Missile Threat.


The game features 2 playable craft. Immediately Nym's starfighter "The Havoc" which features a heavy armament as a bomber and Adi's fighter which features force powers such as lightning and force shield. There are also 9 unlockable craft which can be played on any mission: the X-wing, Tie fighter, Reti's advanced Zoomer, Adi's advanced Jedi starfighter, Saboath fighter, Jenkin's advanced Freefall, Nym's advanced Havoc, a Republic gunship, and Jango Fett's Slave 1. In addition, the Z-95 headhunter can be unlocked. However, to do this, you must enter the code "headhunt". When you begin a mission after entering the code, you will be flying the Z-95.

Starship Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Jedi Starfighter Quad-pulse lasers Force Shield - temporarily makes starship invulnerable Force Lightning - destroys multiple targeted enemies (cannot be used on large or land-based targets) Force Reflex - temporarily slows time to simulate lightning-fast Jedi reactions Force Shockwave - emits a shockwave that destroys or damages enemies near the ship
Havoc Six laser cannons Energy Bomblets - effective in taking out ground targets, can be used as non-homing missiles in space missions. Effective against turrets in jailbreak Cruise Missiles - powerful missiles that can lock on to enemy targets Cluster Missiles - a barrage of missiles effective against multiple flying targets Proximity Mines - explosive that can be placed in the path of oncoming targets to cause damage as they approach
Zoomer Four laser cannons Heavy Cannon - an incredibly powerful cannon that destroys most smaller targets with one shot, and gets through shields if target has them Cruise Missiles Cluster Missiles Proximity Mines
Freefall Long-range laser cannons Mechanized Drone Fighters - a swarm of small, indestructible drones that attack a target for a brief period of time Cruise Missiles Cluster Missiles Proximity Mines
X-Wing Four laser cannons Proton Torpedoes - powerful missiles that can lock on to enemy targets Toggle S-foils - close for increased maneuverability, open to fire lasers
TIE Fighter Two laser cannons
Sabaoth Fighter Four laser cannons
Republic Gunship Two laser cannons Concussion Missile - can lock on to targets Beam Weapon - fires a continuous beam of energy
Slave I Two laser cannons Torpedoes - can lock on to targets Depth Charges - explosive that can be placed in the path of oncoming targets to cause damage as they approach


In the game, the player controls different star fighters from the Star Wars Universe. Each mission revolves around protecting friendly ships and destroying enemy ships. Each mission also has one bonus and one hidden objective completing of which unlocks bonus missions, videos, and starfighters.

Starfighters are equipped with different weaponry which can be highly effective in certain missions. The use of the force weapons in the Jedi Starfighter present a unique aspect to the genre. Force weapons are activated by holding a button which begins to turn the screen purple, and releasing it before the screen becomes white. Holding the button for just the right amount of time will cause the force weapon to last longer or destroy more targets. Holding it too long or too short will reduce its effectiveness. Although unlimited in number, force weapons take several seconds to "recharge" while the Jedi is regaining her mental strength.


The game features 5 training missions and 15 combat missions.

Mission 1: The Informant[]

Master Adi Gallia travels to the Ruby Nebula to find her contact with the Lok Resistance.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy escaping data pods.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy the spyship.

Mission 2: Unlikely Allies[]

Reti leads Adi Gallia to Nym, leader of the Lok Revenants, in the middle of an operation against the Trade Federation.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all Trade Federation subs.
  • Hidden objective: Do not allow any Combro Droid fighters to land on the missile field.

Mission 3: Prison Break[]

Using the stolen codes from the island base on Maramere, Nym attempts to free his men from the infamous Spacestation 1138.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy the airlock door.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all walking droids in the hangar.

Mission 4: Turning the Tides[]

Nym and Adi escort Demolition Boats to dismantle the troublesome Trade Federation Sensor Station on the islands of Maramere.

  • Bonus objective: Both Demolition Boats must survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all Worp Beam Towers.

Mission 5: Poisoned Skies[]

Cavik Toth tests his new secret weapon against a peaceful coastal community as Adi and Reti race to intercept the attack.

  • Bonus objective: Protect the island shelter.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all enemies.

Mission 6: Mount Meraken[]

Nym and Jinkins raid a massive Trade Federation complex at the top of the vast Mount Meraken.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all Trade Federation Freighters.
  • Hidden objective: Finish the mission in under nine minutes.

Mission 7: Hammer and Anvil[]

Aided by Mere Cruisers, Adi and Nym attempt to break through the formidable defense network surrounding the planet Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: The Tritus takes no hull damage.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters.

Mission 8: Demolition Squad[]

Adi guides Nym and his team of red devil comrades into shield bunkers protecting the Trihexalon factory on Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: All commandos survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all landers and Freighters.

Mission 9: Dragon's Den[]

With the production source of the Trihexalon weapon exposed, Nym and the Lok Revenants focus their assault on the massive factory complex.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all bombers.
  • Hidden objective: Prevent all Hex Deployers from escaping.

Mission 10: Tug of War[]

Nym, Jenkins and the Lok Revenants attempt to recover the parts to an Orbital Defense Cannon from the wreckage above Nod Kartha.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all missile frigates.
  • Hidden objective: Lose no friendly Tugs.

Mission 11: Escort to Geonosis[]

A transport carrying the clone army is abushed in the asteroid belt above Geonosis. Adi Gallia and Siri Tachi must escort the vessel to safety.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy the pursuing missile frigates.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers.

Mission 12: Cannon Fodder[]

Rebuilding the Orbital Cannon on the Khons moon above Lok is Nym's last hope at regaining his crater base.

  • Bonus objective: All tugs must survive.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all turrets.

Mission 13: Attack of the Clones[]

Adi Gallia and Siri Tachi escort a group of Clone Troopers to destroy Geonosian military infrastructure vital to the Confederacy.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy the Trade Federation Core Ship.
  • Hidden objective: Destroy all Bunkers.

Mission 14: Heart of the Storm[]

Now in command of the Orbital Cannon, Nym returns to Lok to reclaim his base from the Trade Federation.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all escaping Dropships.
  • Hidden objective: All Mere Transports must survive.

Mission 15: The Jedi Master[]

Adi and Siri must stop Captain Cavik Toth and his war fleet before he reaches Geonosis with the secret weapon.

  • Bonus objective: Destroy all Hex Bombers and Missiles.
  • Hidden objective: All Mear Cruisers must survive.