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I can't shake him!

The evil antithesis to team Star Fox, consisting of Wolf O'Donnell, Pigma Dengar, Leon Powalski, and Andrew Oikonny. They are the consistent rivals of the Star Fox team.

Star Wolf team members pilot Wolfen fightercraft, which are similar to Arwings. They are supposedly better in every way, but their fighters seem to lack manueverability.

Star Fox: Assault[edit | edit source]

In Star Fox: Assault, both Pigma and Andrew were kicked out in between the events of Star Fox 64 and the beginning of Assault. This is supposedly for their incompetence and lack of skill. As a result, Leon & Wolf recruited a third member to their stable, Panther Caroso.

Star Wolf also sets up a base with a large staff of henchmen in a space station located in the Sargasso Space Zone.

Near the end of Assault, Star Wolf teams up with Star Fox to infiltrate the Aparoid home world. Star Wolf takes care of the Aparoids blocking the path, while Star Fox continues on to defeat the Aparoid Queen. The result is the death of the queen and the destruction of the planet, leaving Star Wolf's fate unknown. Their base in Sargasso Space Zone is left in disarray, not knowing of their leaders whereabouts or survival.