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Starsky & Hutch is a video game released in 2003 by Mind's Eye. The game is based on the Starsky and Hutch television series.

The game follows the adventures of Starsky and Hutch, in three Seasons. The player must complete missions/episodes throughout the season. The Player is given a rating during an episode, called a "Viewer Rating." One of the player's primary objectives during the game is to keep the viewer ratings high, keep the viewers of the season interested. The Player loses Viewer Ratings by hitting Civilians, Pedestrians and Buildings; however, the Player can gain Viewer Ratings by shooting special VR Powerups which give the Viewer Rating a boost. Nevertheless, the Viewer Rating drops at a slow rate throughout the episode. Shooting a Siren Powerup stops the Viewer Rating decline for an amount of time. There are Various Powerups throughout the game that the Player can shoot, such as the Double Damage Powerup. There are also a few powerups a player can drive through. Such powerups correspond to Special Events, VR (Viewer Rating) boost and collectibles. The Player's main objective through season is to catch criminals and occasionally escort other vehicles.

The game is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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