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From the makers of Stick Cricket and Stick Soccer comes the Flash game, Stick Baseball. Still in Beta form, the game comes in four modes. The game itself is quite simple. You play as a Team, depending on your mode, you have to score as many runs as you can, with the exception of Home Run Derby. There is no stealing a base, or defensive plays, nor do you get to play defense. By pressing the arrow keys or W,A,S,D, you swing at each pitch, with the attempt not to get out, as is the rules of Baseball. The defenders don't move except to raise there glove.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are 4 modes in Stick Baseball, each unique in its own way.

First is Pick up. In Pick up, you play as the Good Guys against the Bad Guys in a one inning game. Depending on prior success and level of difficulty, the amount of runs you have to score varies.

Next is All Star Slug. In All Star Slug, you get to select one of the National Teams from a varitey of countries, and play against a team of All Stars from the history of Baseball. In All Star Slug, you can play a 1, 3, 6, or 9 inning game. The All Star team does not bat, and the purpose is to drive in as many runs as you can, and either get onto the Site's Hi Score list, beat your personal best, or beat your friend's score.

Third is Home Run Derby. Just like in a real Home Run Derby, you get 10 pitches to hit as many Home Runs as you can. You don't have to swing at a pitch you don't want to, and it only counts against your 10 pitches if you swing and don't hit a home run. In this mode, you play on your favorite MLB team as an imaginary player.

Finally is World Domination. In this mode, you play as the All Star team mentioned earlier against all 30 MLB teams. You begin by playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and have to outscore them in a 3 inning game. No defense is played, but they can score runs in each inning. You can also win if your score more than doubles up that of your opponent. Each team scores more runs than the previous, and it gets a lot harder with each round.

Tips and Cheats[edit | edit source]

No cheats are available, but here is a list of the teams and the codes needed to play them:

  • 29. Seattle Mariners - Bruno
  • 28. San Diego Padres - Mikey
  • 27. Pittsburgh Pirates - Blink
  • 26. Orioles - Squash
  • 25. San Francisco Giants - Monkey
  • 24. Atlanta Braves - Hammer
  • 23. Cincinnati Reds - Thumb
  • 22. Detroit Tigers - Floor
  • 21. Colorado Rockies - Future
  • 20. Kansas City Royals - Cookie
  • 19. Oakland Athletics - Basic
  • 18. Texas Rangers - Hurry
  • 17. Cleveland Indians - Concert
  • 16. Arizona Diamondbacks - Buddy
  • 15. Los Angeles Dodgers - Trick
  • 14. Florida Marlins - Sample
  • 13. St. Louis Cardinals - Rowdy
  • 12. Toronto Blue Jays - Action
  • 11. Houston Astros - Timber
  • 10. Minnesota Twins - Gypsy
  • 09. White Sox - Jingle
  • 08. New York Mets - Morty
  • 07. New York Yankees - Encore
  • 06. Milwaukee Brewers - Biguns
  • 05. Philadelphia Phillies - Option
  • 04. Boston Red Sox - Frame
  • 03. Tampa Bay Rays - Horse
  • 02. Chicago Cubs - Circle
  • 01. Los Angeles Angles - Signal

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