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Stinkoman 20X6 is a Flash platform game developed by The Brothers Chaps and playable for free on the Homestar Runner web site. It is greatly based on the Mega Man series of games, both in sprites, gameplay, and music. It also mocks video game translation errors in many cutscenes.


You control Stinkoman, the 20X6 version of Strong Bad, as he challenges robots and other enemies. Levels consist of three stages. The first two stages are usually normal levels, but the third stage features a boss. Cutscenes play before and after each level, almost always before stage 3, and in some levels, between stages 1 and 2. In one level, you control 1-Up, the 20X6 version of Homestar Runner, and in another level, you control the "Stinkowing," Stinkoman's ship.


Stinkoman 20X6 features only a few items. These include the 1-Up, which gives you an extra life, the power crunch, which refills the character's health completely, the shield, which gives the Stinkowing an extra shield, and Tenbread, which you need to collect in Level 3.2. However, the game has many different types of platforms, obstacles, and special items. These include horizontal and vertical moving platforms, jump-through platforms, teleporters, stoves, and ladders.


Currently, the latest version of the game is Version 7.1, featuring Levels 1 to 9.


The game begins with Stinkoman defeating a "gem-studded brainbot" and heading home. Level 1 consists of him going home and fighting the brain of the brainbot, Tampo.

When he returns, he chokes on a chicken bone and looks for the chicken who had the bone (to challenge him, of course) in Level 2. He then fights the chicken, Brody.

He goes outside and jumps over a wall by jumping up into space (Level 3.1) and falling back down (Level 3.2). The wall turns out to be part of a giant robot called Stlunko who tries to crush Stinkoman. Stinkoman takes one of Stlunko's giant fists as a power-up after beating him.

1-Up tries to rescue Pan-Pan by going through the Lava Zone, and Stinkoman must protect him with his fist in Level 4. Stinkoman then fights a giant snake-like monster called Saargtsson, but his fist breaks in the process.

In Level 5, 1-Up goes alone to rescue Pan-Pan on the Moon, but gets kidnapped by a shadowy figure who, 1-Up says, also kidnapped Pan-Pan.

Stinkoman decides to take a vacation in Pink Cloud Zone, Level 6. He fights a rat-tornado wearing shades called Liekand.

The shadowy figure that kidnapped 1-Up and Pan-Pan is seen watching Stinkoman and presses a red button, which teleports Stinkoman to the very cold Level 7. Stinkoman fights an ice machine for no good reason.

He is then "red buttoned" again and gets stuck inside a wall. Stinkoman manages to destroy the wall, however, and escapes to the "Negative Zone" (Level 8 or -0), where he fights Ekersby, a pile of junk from the game. Stinkoman finds a device in Ekersby that tells him that 1-Up and Pan-Pan are in Level 10.

Stinkoman sees Level 10 past an evil forest and decides to fly over it on the Stinkowing. However, the shadowy figure sends out an armada of sea creatures to attack the Stinkowing. Stinkoman then fights a gangster robot full of prawns called Harvax XVII and lands next to Level 10.

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