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Storm over the Pacific is a turn-based strategy game set in the years of 1939-1948. It was developed by Wastelands Interactive and it includes significantly enhanced ideas from World War 2: Time of Wrath (the previous game from Wastelands Interactive) which are moved into a different geopolitical setting - the Asian and Pacific theater during the conflict between the Japanese Empire, the USA and other allies in the period of World War II.

Four big campaigns (Pacific 1941, Australia 1942, China 1937 and 1941) and 10 smaller scenarios taking place on 10 different maps are available to the players. The timescale is 1 day per turn or 1 week per turn depending on the scenario. The game offers 26 countries to choose from, each with accurate army structure. The player can choose to control either one nation or a group of nations to form an alliance or to fight with himself.

Game Play[]

Storm over the Pacific features numerous historical events, accurate orders of battle along with historical names of all units and commanders. Major countries have customized sprite and counter graphics. The player may plan and play out his strategy as he wishes, the game does not require him to be truthful to history in any field.

The economic system of the game is based on production points (PP) collected from cities, factories and mines to support military units with them. Collected PP may be used for military build up, researching new technologies (including the Nuclear Bomb) and developing the infrastructure.

The game has its own 60 minutes long soundtrack with various themes for different countries and current in-game situation.


The interface is configurable, allowing free rearrangement of its components on the screen. All troops can be administered using the main map.

Developer tools[]

The scenario editor and the event editor, used during its creation are added to the game. They can be used to modify or create scenarios or game mods.

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