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Strategic Command – European Theater
Developer(s) Fury Software
Designer Hubert Cater
status Status Missing
Release date July 16, 2002 (US)
Genre Turn based strategy
Mode(s) Single player or two player via hotseat or PBEM
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD
Input Mouse and keyboard
Requirements Pentium 166
4 MB Video RAM
50 MB Hard Drive Space
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Strategic Command: European Theater is a turn based strategy game set in World War II. it allows you to play the Allies or the Axis. The smaller European nations can go either way depending on how the Axis or Allies act towards them. Although on historical mode some nations join the allies or axis by default while others depend on the course of the war and aggression of the major powers.

The game runs from 1939 till 1947 where unless you control the world the war ends. The game also features 6 major campaigns:

  • Fall Weiss (invasion of Poland)
  • Fall Gelb (invasion of France)
  • Barbarossa (German invasion of Russia)
  • Fall Blau (German advances towards Stalingrad)
  • Zitadelle (Soviet counter attack on the eastern front)
  • Overlord (the allied invasion of Europe)

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