Codex Gamicus
Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Controller
Creator Capcom
System Playstation 2 and Xbox
Supported games Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection
Release date
Inputs Directional pad
Start Button
Select Button
X Button
Circle Button
Square Button
Triangle Button
L1 Button
L2 Button
R1 Button
R2 Button
Rarity PS2 versions common, Xbox versions semi-rare.

The Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Controller is a 6 Button pad for the Playstation 2 and Xbox.


  • Ryu(PS2) RyuStreetfightercontroller.jpg
  • Ken(PS2) KenStreetfightercontroller.jpg
  • Chun Li(PS2) ChunliStreetFightercontroller.jpg
  • Akuma(PS2/Xbox) AkumaStreetFightercontroller.jpg
  • Guile(Xbox only) GuileStreetFightercontroller.jpg
  • M. Bison(Xbox only) MbisonStreetFightercontroller.jpg