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Street Fighter III: New Generation
Street fighter 3NG box.jpg
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Release date 1997 (Arcade)
Genre 2D fighter
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Arcade
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Street Fighter III: New Generation was the long-awaited third game of the Street Fighter series, after the wildly popular Street Fighter II. There are ten playable characters (11 if Yun and Yang are to be counted as separate) and one unplayable boss, but Ryu and Ken are the only characters recurring from previous Street Fighter games. Street Fighter III also sports vastly improved graphics over its predecessors.

Game Features[]


Street Fighter III loses the air blocking that was present in the Alpha series, but boasts a unique defensive maneuver that would later be integral to SFIII gameplay: the parry. To parry an opponent's attack, the player must tap the joystick toward the opponent at the moment of impact. If successful, the character will perform a parrying motion and flash blue, and will be immediately available to counterattack the opponent. While risky, a successful parry can turn around the flow of the match.

Super Arts[]

Street Fighter III characters, like Alpha characters, also have access to Super Arts, more powerful versions of normal attacks, but Street Fighter III adds a twist to the process. At the beginning of the game, the player is forced to choose between one of the three Super Arts the character can use. Each Super Art is different in damage, range, and bar length, and some form of strategy is used when choosing an appropriate Super Art when battling human opponents.


Originally, Ryu and Ken were not supposed to be in the game; Capcom developers initially wanted to put Sean as the new 'shoto' character. Fan uproar, however, forced them to bring back the two characters. Eventually, Chun-Li, also a fan favorite, was included in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

Unplayable Characters[]