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Cheat Codes

To enter in cheat codes in the Players Choice Mode, hold down the keys [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [X] while playing to make the game pause and a dialog box appear. Type the correct cheat code in the dialog box to get desired results. Note: Cheats do not work in the demo version of the game.

mr fabulous invincibility

Note: a glitch associated with this cheat will make enemies much harder to destroy. Also, due to Windows XP's incompatibility with this game, cones, mailboxes, etc., are impervious to projectile weapons and can only be destroyed by colliding with them. These glitches do not affect buildings.

sampo $999,999

Note: Only works if you currently have less than $999,999. If you want more than the limit, buy lots of expensive stuff, use this code, then sell what you bought to have even more money.

cow frags shows how many cows players fragged total

lock and load full ammunition

Note: Maximum amount of ammo given for a single weapon is 999.

im back car repair

Note: Does not repair armor if you do not have any.

beefcake beefcake all weapons, car mods, full ammo

The maximum amount of ammo given for a single weapon is 999. This cheat does not upgrade your tires or engine, and does not replace any previously-installed weapons.

cruise control allows cruise control

Cruise control can also be activated by pressing [Caps Lock].

moon 25% gravity

mars 50% gravity

earth 100% gravity

jupiter 200% gravity

To enter cheats in Scenario Mode, restart Streets of SimCity. Then, when it comes up to the main menu, play Players Choice Mode with any setting, but preferably not Sunday Drive. Enter in the cheats you want and then go to the in-game menu and click "leave city". Open or create your user and select the scenario you want to play with the cheats. After you leave the garage, the cheats should be active.

Note: The cheat "sampo" does not work in Scenario mode. However, "mr fabulous" works in all television Episodes. Some cheats won't work in some scenarios as they set the weapons, ammo, etc. of the game.

Other Cheats

Getting cars without buying them

This glitch lets you have a car loaded with weapons, mods, or whatever in another game with out buying it. All you have to do is to first play a game in Scenario mode where you have sufficient money to buy what you want. While in the garage, buy the stuff you want. But take note that the cars that came already in the garage for you will not carry on to another level. If you want one of those cars you must sell it and then buy it again. Once you are done, click exit. Open the in-game menu and click "leave city". Then play the scenario you want and the cars with your weapons and ammo and mods and stuff-you-normally-can't-buy in that level.

Note that this glitch only works for Windows XP users, due to the incompatibility with the game.

Getting free money in Scenario mode

This glitch is the same as above, only you need to sell the cars, weapons, ammo and mods to get more money.


Fun glitches to help you in a level, or just to screw up the game:

Make Your Own Cities

The install CD-ROMs for SimCity 2000 and Streets of SimCity are required for this. Install SimCity 2000 first, then install Streets of SimCity. When this is completed, open up the Windows Start Menu and find the Maxis folder. Go into the SimCity 2000 folder, then click on the SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit shortcut. From here, you can create a city to your liking. Once you are finished, save the file, giving it whatever name you wish. Note the folder the file is in - you may need it later. Go ahead and close the Urban Renewal Kit, and restart Streets of SimCity.

In the game menu, there should be an option called "Player's Choice". Click on this, and a menu will appear to open whatever SimCity 2000 file you wish. Make sure you are in the same folder where you saved your city. From here, you have the standard options of any other map. Choose the difficulty you want, go to the garage, and enjoy driving through your town.

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