Codex Gamicus


Construction Yard[]

This provides building construction for the Allies. Can undeploy and redeploy itself if the "Redeploy MCV" setting is on.

Power Plant[]

This provides power for the Allies. Gives off 2000 power points. This is the first structure you can build.

Allied Barracks[]

This provides infantry for the Allies.

Allied Ore Refinery[]

Chrono Miners collect ore and teleport here to turn the ore into war funds. Building this gives you a free Chrono Miner.

Allied War Factory[]

Provides the construction of Allied vehicles.

Airforce Command Headquarters[]

This is both a radar and an airfield that can hold up to four aircraft each.

Allied Naval Yard[]

This is needed to produce Allied naval vessels.

Allied Service Depot[]

This structure repairs vehicles one at a time.

Allied Battle Lab[]

The Battle Lab for the Allies which provides advanced weaponry. (Hero Infantry, Advanced Vehicles/Vessels)

Ore Purifier[]

The Ore Purifier makes Chrono Miners give more funds when they collect ore, even though they don't actually collect more. In the game, Chrono Miners give $500 with normal ore and with this building they give $625.

Pill Box[]

This is the Allies' low class defensive structure. It has low armor and is strong against infantry and lightly armed vehicles.

Patriot Missile System[]

The Patriot Missile System fires only at aircraft with pretty powerful missiles.

Prism Tower[]

The Allies' higher class defensive structure. Fires a powerful prism beam. If two or more are close enough they can combine their power for double the damage.

Gap Generator[]

The Gap Generator shrouds out about half of the screen and is usually built in the center. Pretty useless to build in Skirmish as the AI can always see your base.

Spy Satelite Uplink[]

The Spy Satellite Uplink reveals the entire map. (Excluding shrouded enemy Allied bases)

Chronosphere (superweapons required)[]

The Chronosphere is Einstein's device that is designed to transport forces around the battlefield. You could be from your base to an enemy's in a flash. It can chronoshift up to 9 vehicles or vessels. Infantry are killed by the Chronoshift however.

Weather Control Device (superweapons required)[]

The Weather Control Device creates a giant lightning storm above an enemy base which is powerful against everything.

Grand Cannon (France only)[]

The Grand Cannon is a powerful defensive cannon capable of wiping out squads of infantry and vehicles too. It has a downside which is it's slow rate of fire. Note that you must be the France country to construct this.


Soviet Construction Yard[]

Exactly the same as the Allied one, only it constructs Soviet structures.

Tesla Reactor[]

The Tesla Reactor is Soviet's power supply. It's tesla charges give off energy throughout the base. Your basic building.

Soviet Barracks[]

The Barracks is a structure with a statue upon the top. This trains Soviet infantry.

Soviet Ore Refinery[]

The Soviet Refinery is the same as the Allied one. Read above. (Difference=This comes with a War Miner instead)

Soviet War Factory[]

The Soviet War Factory constructs Soviet vehicles.

Soviet Shipyard[]

Soviet's shipyard constructs more stealthy units than Allied's navy. The source of naval units.

Radar Tower[]

The Radar Tower is Soviet's communication tower and source of radar.

Soviet Service Depot[]

With great height, the hook swings all alone, and also repairs damaged vehicles when they are put onto this structure.

Soviet Battle Lab[]

This palace like structure unlocks the advanced technologies of Soviet forces.

Cloning Vats (RA2 Only, Yuri's Side in Yuri's Revenge)[]

The Cloning Vats clones infantry units when built. The cost is worth it because you get two infantry for one.

Soviet Wall[]

No different from the Allied one except that it looks a little heavier.

Sentry Gun[]

Soviet's Sentry Gun is infantry's worst nightmare. A small turret that counterparts the Allied Pillbox.