Codex Gamicus
Submachine: 32 Chambers
Developer(s) Mateusz Skutnik
Publisher(s) Freeware


Release date 2010
Genre Point and Click Adventure
Escape from the room
Mode(s) Single player only
Age rating(s) NA
Platform(s) Windows


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The Submachine (meaning "submerged machines") games is a series of point and click, "escape from the room" Flash puzzle games where the player must find objects and clues scattered throughout various settings, figure out what to do with them, and apply them to certain objects and circumstances to open up more areas of each game and to hopefully eventually beat the games.

Basically all the player (who is never shown onscreen) has to do is use the mouse to search for onscreen items and clues and click on them in order to place them somewhere or store them into their inventory for later use, or to press a button or move a lever, switch or other device to perform a function that will help the player solve the mysteries of the game.

While playing through the Submachine 4: The Lab game, the player could come across a note in an area at one point telling of someone being in an area with 32 chambers full of sand, which this game is a spin-off from that note.

32 Chambers[]

The game begins in a chamber with a teleporter (introduced in Submachine 4: The Lab) that will fall to pieces if the player tries to activate it. The game's setting is a bit like the Ancient Adventure/the Ancient area in Submachine 4, what with having several stone statues and bricks, along with having, yes, sand everywhere. Upon exploring and opening up several areas, there is also a stone mosaic covering parts of two screens, a few crude items to help the player beat the game that could have been from whatever time period this takes place in (a simple wooden bowl and stick, for instance), and several other items to pick up and use.

A couple of chambers nearly defy description as well, what with having two paths blocked/blacked out if a device isn't positioned correctly and it won't allow the player to proceed. There are also two sets of gems (topaz' and jadeites) and four stone plates that need to be found and collected in order to beat the game, which, when that happens, it gives a date for the end of the year, possibly signifying the release of Submachine 7: The Core...but then the date changes to several thousand years later, possibly signifying that a future Submachine game will jump forward into the future? Perhaps time will tell...

Puzzle items (needed to complete the game)[]

  • Lever handle
  • Wooden stick
  • Wooden bowl
  • Round stone (2)
  • Embedded plates (3)
  • Plates (4)
  • Topaz stones (4)
  • Jadeites (8)
  • Wheel mechanism (4)
  • Gate
  • Stone cone
  • Stone dial (3)
  • Weight stone
  • Lever


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