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Submachine (meaning "submerged machines") is a point and click, "escape from the room" puzzle game where the player must find objects and clues scattered throughout a few rooms, figure out what to do with them, and apply them to certain objects and circumstances to open up more areas and to hopefully beat the game.

Basically all the player (who is never shown) has to do is use the mouse to search for onscreen items and clues and click on them in order to place them somewhere or store them into their inventory for later use, turn a lever or object, or solve a puzzle to perform a function that will help solve the mysteries of the game.

At first glance, this just seems to be a simple "escape from the room" (or area, rather) game with only a few objects to gather and figure out how to escape, although there is a diary page that is found that tells of a bizarre story in regards to someone losing one of their arms in an accident, but then they were somehow able to grow an invisible, third "karma arm" that could manipulate time and space (which this person's exploits would be followed in the expanding sequels).

Other than that, there are only a few rooms and objects that will open up a few things to lead to the player's escape. The object of the game is to find four gray tiles and put them in their proper place, which will lead to an elevator that will allow the player to escape from wherever it is that they are trapped. Other than the "bell puzzle", where the player needs to ring four bells in a certain order to reveal a tile piece, the game can be solved with using just a few everyday objects.

Objects needed to win game[]

  • Valve
  • Spoon
  • Coin
  • Tiles (four)
  • Fuse
  • Pearl


  • The original version was just known as Submachine. It would later be renamed as Submachine 1: The Basement.
  • There were several versions made of this game, such as the later Submachine: Extended Version, with several more rooms and objects added, although if one action was performed incorrectly the player would not be able to beat the game. This was removed in a (yet again) slightly different, later version. Once the game was initially released (and was well-received) and people asked for it to be a little longer, creator Mateusz Skutnik made the first (of a few) Extended Version of it.
  • One early version also had two doors at the end to choose from when the player was right about to escape (normally the player would just need to walk down a tunnel and out into a field to win), which one door had the regular ending, the second one would lead to a scene from the sequel, which it said “Coming soon: Submachine 2” on the wall. Also in the scene was a light that could be turned on, a staircase and two locked doors. The scene would end up being slightly changed when Submachine 2: The Lighthouse was actually released.


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