Codex Gamicus
Submachine Network Exploration Experience
Developer(s) Mateusz Skutnik
Publisher(s) Freeware


Release date 2010
Genre Point and Click Adventure
Mode(s) Single player only
Age rating(s) NA
Platform(s) Windows


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The Submachine (meaning "submerged machines") games is a series of point and click, "escape from the room" puzzle games where the player must find objects and clues scattered throughout various settings, figure out what to do with them, and apply them to certain objects and circumstances to open up more areas of each game and to hopefully eventually beat the games.

Basically all the player (who is never shown onscreen) has to do is use the mouse to search for onscreen items and clues and click on them in order to place them somewhere or store them into their inventory for later use, or to press a button or move a lever, switch or other device to perform a function that will help the player solve the mysteries of the game.

Submachine Network Exploration Experience[]

Submachine series creator Mateusz Skutnik insists that, with this entry, this isn't a game at all, although it might eventually become one.

Starting out like the setup in Submachine 5: The Root, there are a few familiar rooms (the bathroom) to look at and a computer with a message on it containing several jump coordinates. The teleporter is also present (which was first introduced in Submachine 4: The Lab), which the player can start out jumping to those coordinates and find clues in several rooms that will lead to more.

Due to massive fan speculation as to what the Submachine games are supposed to be about, Skutnik compiled many of their theories and posted them in areas of this entry. The player just jumps from area to area to look at rooms, manipulate an object or two, and read the theories, and that's pretty much the entire summary for this Submachine chapter. There's a slight puzzle aspect with clues in several rooms that lead to other jump coordinates, although the player can just look at the pastelstories forums or the Submachine Network Exploration Experience Wiki entry in order to just go through the list and jump from room to room without having to figure out the clues as it is.

Some of the rooms contain reworked Submachine items—such as the arcade cab from Submachine 2: The Lighthouse, which is very weathered and doesn't appear to be functioning, along with what appears to be holders for many more cipher plates from Submachine 5 in another room (the game originally only had two cipher plates, which were also used for teleporting), etc. -- others might possibly appear in the upcoming Submachine 7: The Edge, and others are brand new, never seen before rooms.

There could be a possibility of a thousand rooms eventually to see in this release, although right now there are just several dozen. This chapter is pretty much just for Submachine fans only, since there is very little to do, and won't make any sense for those who are new to the series and sees this first.


  • Official site
  • Submachine Network Exploration Experience Wiki entry with all jump coordinates, along with photos and descriptions of areas

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