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Sudeki is an Xbox game released in July of 2004 (NA). It was later released for the PC in Europe on March 25, 2005.

XBOX Features Supported By This Game[]


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Battles in Sudeki takes place in real-time. You control one of the four characters while the computer controls the rest. Tal and Buki are melee fighters whose primary attacks are timed button combos. Ailish and Elco are both long-range oriented fighters. When your in control of either Ailish or Elco the game shifts into a first-person perspective to allow for greater accuracy.

Each character has his or her own Skill Strikes, which is basically a fancy term for spells. Both defensive and offensive Skill Strikes are acquired through the course of the game. Skill Strikes cost Skill Points to execute. Skill Points can be replenished by attaching certain items to a characters weopon or by drinking special potions. Spirit Strikes are an Uber version of Skill Strikes.

Outside of battles each of the four characters have special skills that can be used to solve puzzles and get past obstacles. Tal can push blocks around, Ailish can dispel walls and certain obstacles, Elco has access to jetpacks which acivate close to crystal clusters, and Buki who can climb certain walls.


  • Tal, abandoned by his father in favor of the army, wishes to prove his strength in battle. Tal's mother and brother were both killed in the ongoing war with the Aklonians. Tal joins the Elite Illumina Guard under the command of his father, General Arlo.
  • Ailish, the princess of Haskilla, is skilled in the art of magic.
  • Buki is a mix of human and animal. She possesses senses and instincts which are far sharper than ordinary humans.
  • Elco, a young scienist, had an accident which left him with only one arm.
  • Queen Luscia
  • Aklorians
  • General Arlo


  • Haskilla
  • Illumina Castle
  • Illumnia Countryside
  • New Brightwater
  • Akloria
  • The Realm of Shadows


Sudeki is set in a world ripped in two. Here shadow and light battles for control of the world. Queen Luscia of Haskillia is upset that the Aklorians have begun to invade the countryside. The swordsman Tal, sorcerress Ailish, huntress Buki, and the scientist Elco battle to save their homeland.


The world of Sudeki is bright and colorful, however, many have questioned the choices in character designs. It is also the general consensus that the voice acting is abysmal and the music leaves something to be desired. The one saving grace of Sudeki seems to be the combat.