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Super Game Boy Box

Super Game Boy (Super Famicom)

Released in 1994, the Super Game Boy allowed users to play Game Boy games on the SNES, with a limited color pallete. Taking the form of a taller Super Nintendo cartridge, the Super Game Boy was pretty much the Game Boy hardware reworked to run through a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, instead of an emulator. This system is compatible with the SNES Mouse.

The Super Game Boy had a couple of unique features going for it. For one, the user could select the color palette from a limited number of choices. Another cool option allowed players to select a border for their game that would appear around the game boy sized screen. Certain games even had specifically designed borders, and one of the first games to have this was Donkey Kong (1994).

About a year later, Nintendo released the Super Game Boy 2 in Japan which was the same, except it included a new feature, the Link Port.