Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

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Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
Basic Information
Game Bundle
Super Mario
2D Platform, Light Gun Shooter
NES Cartridge
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Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt 2 in 1, was a NES cartridge that is the best selling Mario game, and best selling game of all time, this game came with almost every single NES system, the game itself was considered one of the best platformer, or side scroller ever made

Super Mario Bros.[edit | edit source]

For more information on this game, see: Super Mario Bros.

In this Blockbuster franchise of a video game, You play as Mario, or Mario and Luigi in multi-player mode.

Duck Hunt[edit | edit source]

For more information on this game, see: Duck Hunt

The game was simple, and fun. You had to use your NES gun which was plugged into the player 1 controller socket, you had to aim your gun at the duck and shoot it to rack up points.