Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Super Mario Galaxy 2
Basic Information
Video Game
Nintendo EAD
Super Mario
Super Mario Galaxy
Number of
Nintendo eShop
Retail Features
Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Galaxy 2
Main Credits
Daisuke Watanabe
Koichi Hayashida
Yoshiaki Koizumi, Takashi Tezuka
Kenta Motokura
Mahito Yokota, Ryo Nagamatsu, Koji Kondo
Takeshi Hayakawa
European Union European Release Date(s)
June 112010
Nintendo eShop
January 142015
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
May 232010
Nintendo eShop
January 142015
Australia Australian Release Date(s)
July 12010
Nintendo eShop
January 152015
Hong Kong Hong Kong Release Date(s)
December 42010
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
May 272010
Nintendo eShop
January 152015
South Korea South Korean Release Date(s)
January 202011
Taiwan Taiwanese Release Date(s)
December 42010
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a Wii platformer game and the direct sequel toSuper Mario Galaxy. It features 90% new content compared to the original, with new areas, new characters and enemies, and also new power-ups and features, most notably riding Yoshi. Rosalina again makes her appearance in this sequel.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay is largely similar to Super Mario Galaxy. Like the original, the player takes control of Mario to explore various galaxies and collect Power Stars, in order to stop Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

Luigi is an optional playable character, and following completion of the game's final boss, he can be used at will. As in previous games, Luigi moves faster than Mario, but has less traction and slower acceleration.

The most notable gameplay addition is Yoshi, who can be found on Starship Mario and in various galaxies. Yoshi can latch onto special flowers to swing to new locations, swallow enemies, and flutter jump. With the exception of the Ice Flower and Red Star, all power ups from the original return, alongside new power-ups. Yoshi also has his own set of power-ups.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was unanimously acclaimed by critics, many of whom felt that the game lived up to or surpassed its predecessor. IGN gave it a rare 10 out of 10.

References[edit | edit source]