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Dark Days on Isle Delfino!
~ Box Art

Super Mario Sunshine is the second Mario 3D platformer, following Super Mario 64. Super Mario Sunshine was released in North America around half a year after the GameCube. This marks the first time that the release of a Mario game did not coincide with the release of a Nintendo home console.


Mario sets out for Isle Delfino for a vacation with Princess Peach, her long-time steward Toadsworth, and some other Toads. Upon arrival, Mario finds that the once-pristine island has been vandalized with graffiti and toxic waste. As a result of this pollution, sun-shaped objects called "Shine Sprites", the island's sources of power, have disappeared, and the island is covered in a perpetual shadow. The culprit seen spreading the graffiti is disguised as Mario (referred to as "Shadow Mario"). Mario is promptly arrested as he arrives at the island. He is put on trial, found guilty in a somewhat unfair trial, and ordered to clean up the mess and return the Shine Sprites. Mario is taken to the Island's jail and sentenced to community service for as long as the island remains polluted.

To help with the cleaning, Mario finds F.L.U.D.D., a powerful talking water cannon constructed by Professor Elvin Gadd that Mario carries around like a backpack. Mario sets out on an adventure to clear his name and locate the real criminal, while restoring tranquillity and order to Isle Delfino. The tools at Mario's disposal are F.L.U.D.D. and Yoshi.

After numerous incidents, Mario follows Shadow Mario, who has kidnapped Princess Peach, to an amusement park. There, Mario defeats a huge robot being controlled by Shadow Mario, revealing that Shadow Mario's real identity is Bowser Jr., the son of Bowser.

Bowser Jr. takes off in a hot air balloon with Princess Peach, whom he believes is his mother. He is last seen heading for Corona Mountain where his father is awaiting. After Mario defeats Shadow Mario in all of the locations, he enters Corona Mountain, defeats Bowser and rescues Princess Peach. Mario, Peach and the others then begin the vacation they originally went there for.


Mario chilling at Pianta Village

A device called F.L.U.D.D. is central to the gameplay in Super Mario Sunshine. With the use of F.L.U.D.D., Mario gains the ability to spray water and hover in place. Later on in the game, Mario gains the ability to use special nozzles found within the levels. The Rocket Nozzle allows Mario to blast into the sky and reach new heights. The Turbo Nozzle lets Mario dash around and can be used to break down doors.

Like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine contains a large hub or overworld. In this case the hub is Delfino Plaza.

Also like Super Mario 64, new levels open up to be explored as Mario collects more Shine Sprites. Each level begins by giving Mario a certain task which must be completed in order to gain the Sprite. When Mario completes this task and gains a Shine Sprite or dies and loses a life he is sent back to the main hub to choose what to do next. As tasks are completed new tasks in the level open up. Also, at any time previous tasks can be played through again.

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Mario's friendly dinosaur buddy, Yoshi, makes a return in this game as well. To open Yoshi Eggs, Mario must bring the specific type of fruit the Yoshi wishes. Mario can tell which fruit Yoshi wants by the thought bubble that appears over the egg. Once free from his egg Yoshi can be ridden by Mario. Yoshi has the ability to vomit fruit juice on unsuspecting creatures causing them to mutate into platforms. Yoshi's fruit juice vomit also dissolves certain sponge like barriers and he can flutter to reach platforms that are far away. While riding Yoshi, Mario must take special care not to come into contact with water for it will make Yoshi dissolve and evaporate away.

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