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Super Metroid is the third installment in the Metroid series. It was released in 1994 for the SNES, and was the largest game available for the console at its time.

Super Metroid is a 2-D platform game with action and adventure elements. Game progression revolves around gathering power-ups that allow Samus Aran to overcome obstacles in order to access new parts of the world. The world has a non-linear layout and features many hidden areas, making exploration a central concept.

This marked the series return to the original planet, Zebes (of the original game Metroid and it's remake, Metroid Zero Mission), as well as a more complicated door system, mapping, new beam weapons, missiles, movement and scanning systems.


Samus Aran, the most famous and successful bounty hunter in the history of galactic civilization, has battled against the Metroids many times in the past. The Metroids, a parasitic life-form, had the ability of draining energy from any life-form, rendering their victims dead. Not long after the Galactic Federation discovered the Metroids on planet SR388, a group of evil beings known as the Space Pirates stole several Metroids and began to use them to attack civilization from their headquarter planet Zebes.

Samus' adventure began when she landed on Zebes, intent on destroying the Space Pirates and eliminating their leader, the Mother Brain, to stop their evil plans concerning the Metroids. After battling her way through the planet, Samus found and defeated the Mother Brain, but not before facing several Metroids that nearly killed her.

Not long after the first defeat of the Space Pirates, the Federation deemed the Metroids too dangerous to exist and sent a group of soldiers to SR388 to exterminate the Metroid population there. After contact was lost with the Federation team sent to the planet, Samus was sent there to finish their job. With difficulty, Samus proceeded deep into the planet's crust and eradicated the Metroids hidden throughout the planet, before facing and defeating the gigantic Metroid Queen. Just before leaving the planet, Samus came across a Metroid hatchling, which upon hatching began to follow Samus as though she were it's mother. Delivering the Metroid to the Ceres research station, Samus left to find a new adventure, but before long she received a distress signal from the station...

Samus returned to the Ceres station and found one of her arch enemies (Ridley) somehow back from the dead. A small boss battle begins and Ridley flies away with the Metroid hatchling and thus a new adventure began...

After traveling through various areas defeating the bosses Ridley, (a slightly larger) Kraid, Phantoon, and Draygon, Samus confronts the newly-resurrected Mother Brain and her dinosaur-like form. When Mother Brain attacks Samus and takes away almost all of Samus's health, the fully grown hatchling attacks Mother Brain and restores Samus's health and gives her the all-powerful Hyper Beam. Unfortunately, Mother Brain then attacks and kills the hatchling, apparently ending the Metroid race.

Samus then used the Hyper Beam to finish Mother Brain, once and for all.