Super Princess Peach

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Super Princess Peach was a game released in 2006 by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS system. The well-known recurring plot in most Mario games alters that Princess Peach was the main character and Mario and Luigi are lads in distress.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Vibe Island is a mysterious island that holds great power. When Bowser heard about Vibe Island, he built his summer villa. Army Hammer Bro find the Vibe Scepter and Bowser plots to kidnap Mario, Luigi and the Toads. Bowser's minions intruded the castle and kidnapped the victims. Bowser's minions returned to the summer villa. Meanwhile, a joyful Goomba arrived at the castle and fused the minions into different vibes. Meanwhile, Princess Peach, Toadsworth and a Toad arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom after their walk and noticed the castle going chaos. They came into the castle, and a Toad showed Bowser's message, and they read it. After reading the message, Princess Peach was willing to rescue Mario and ran out of the castle. Toadsworth came to furious Peach and worried about her trying to rescue but gave her an unordinary umbrella named Perry. Perry knew everything about Vibe Island. He joined forces with Peach.