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Cover of City of Heroes, V2 #5

Real name Steven Berry
Status Active
Affiliations Freedom Phalanx
Previous affiliations
Notable powers Super Speed, Electrical Blasts
Notes Role model for speedsters everywhere.

Synapse is one of the primary heroes in the City of Heroes universe, but does not have a real-life dev behind the hero.

History[edit | edit source]

Steve never wanted to be a hero. He was an average beer-guzzling, couch potato second-class citizen, until the day he signed up for a Crey experiment for some extra cash. He was blasted with high levels of electricity for days, until he gained complete control over his nervous system. This gave him super speed, and electrical blasts, which he used to escape. Crey still denies the event ever happened.

Despite this, he's become one of the greatest heroes in the city. During the Rikti War, he used his speed to save hundreds of civilians in the Eden and other areas. After some initial conflict he's become good friends with Positron, and has taken on another Crey experiment, Mynx, as a sidekick.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Synapse watches over a park near the PTA tram in Skyway City, and offers a level 15-20 task force that focuses on the Clockwork. Unlike Positron's task force in the previous level bracket, this one is considered one of the best due to fights with both Babbage and The Clockwork King. The final mission also has some incredible artwork.

One note is that Clockwork only spawn up to level 19 under normal circumstances, so 20s taking this task force may find it rather easy.