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Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs (SELL) is a French organisation that promotes the interests of video game developers. The group mainly distributes information about video game professionals to authorities and consumers. Created in 1995, the group is chaired by Philippe Sauze from Electronic Arts France. The general delegate is Jean Claude Larue (ex. Infogrames).

From June 1999 until the introduction in 2003 of PEGI, the organisation rated the content of video games in France. Their classification system had four categories:

SELL-TP.svg "tous publics" (all audiences)

SELL-12.png "12 ans et plus" (12 years and over)

SELL-16.png "16 ans et plus" (16 years and over)

SELL-18.png "interdit aux moins de 18 ans" (restricted under 18 years).