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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is a third-person action video game developed by Sony Bend and published by SCEA for the PlayStation Portable . The game was released in stores on October 2, 2007 in North America and in November 30, 2007 in Europe. Logan's Shadow is the sixth game in the long-running Sony exclusive Syphon Filter series. Logan's Shadow focuses basically on Gabriel Logan's struggle with a terrorist known as Bitar, who plans to use Shen Rei's X-Z-2 bomb to cause destruction.


Agent Gabiel Logan of the IPCA receives an assignment from a bureaucrat known as Robert Cordell. He informs Gabriel that a United States Naval supply ship, the U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens, has been boarded by a group of Somali pirates lead by Ghassan al-Bitar in the Indian Ocean. The pirates are told to be after the contents of Cargo Hold Five, which Cordell cannot tell Logan of. After moments of pondering thinking and despite his partener, Teresa's, protests, Logan excepts the mission.

Upon arrival of the ship by helicopter, Gabe's pilot, Alima Haddad, tells Gabe that a distress signal coming from U.S. special operations has been broadcasting for hours. Gabe realizes that Cordell was lying to him. Logan soon finds one of the last special forces, who tells him that they lost due to a lack of poor intelligence provided by Cordell. On his way to transfer data to Teresa, Alima is shot down, and dies from the impact. Logan, depressed, continues the mission for Alima's, not Cordell's, sake, as he wishes to get revenge on Bitar. Bitar escapes the ship with the contents of Cargo Hold Five, Logan being rescued before the sinking of the boat.

After getting back to headquarters, Logan's partner, Lian Xing, is accused of being a Chinese double agents, after Cordell shows Logan pictures of her and a man in Cyprus. Soon, Logan would find out that the man in the photo is in fact scientist Shen Rei, Lian's husband, and that the picture was cropped, leaving out al-Jamil soldiers pointing guns at the two.

Logan soon makes his way into a Russian compound, after trying to find Lian at her hotel room. On his way, he meets Maggie Powers, an agent of MI6, which he has worked with before. The two find out more about the device of Shen Rei, a quantam battery that could store infinite energy, known as the X-Z-2. He then finds out that many governments of the world are after Shen, and Lian only left to protect him.

Logan soon makes his way into Bitar's base to rescue Lian and Shen, stop the X-Z-2, and finally defeat Bitar. After fulfilling these missions, Shen commits suicide to make sure no government gets his technology.

Gabe finally decides to retire, only to find Teresa shot and an IPCA agents dead, from the hands of CSS agent Trinidad, who has been following Logan's actions the whole time.