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TNN Bass Tournament of Champions is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Mega Drive/Genesis fishing game based on the defunct Nashville Network (now known as Spike). It is known in Japan as Larry Nixon's Super Bass Fishing (ラリー・ニクソン・スーパー・バスフィッシング?).[2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The object of the game is to catch as much large bass as possible so that the player can advance through the tournaments and eventually win the championship.[3] The player has from sunrise to sunset to fish, thus giving him the necessary time to develop strategies related to participating in a virtual fishing derby. Changes in the season and the weather will try to impede the player's progress as he attempts to win the championship.[3]

Other fish (besides bass) can be accidentally caught as well, but they will not count towards the final score. Only bass will count towards the player's progression throughout the game. During the 1990s, this game attracted rural and suburban teenagers (who usually ignored The Nashville Network's more bucolic-oriented shows like The Real McCoys and the Grand Ole Opry).

Reason for name change[edit | edit source]

While Larry Nixon was a notable professional fisherman in his own right, the Nashville Network picked up sponsorship for the North American version of the game and dropped an individual's endorsement for the sponsorship of a then-rural oriented cable television channel. The Japanese (Larry Nixon's Super Bass Fishing) also mentioned the Nagasaki Broadcasting Company which doesn't broadcast in North America so that was also the idea why the NBC (Nagasaki) was scrapped in favor of TNN (The Nashville Network).

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