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The Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth, the official flag of the Republic of China.
Basic Information
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Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (中華民國?) is an island nation in Asia with disputed international status. The island is occupied by the former government of what is now the People's Republic of China, who officially claim that Taiwan is part of China; in practice, however, Taiwan operates independently, with its independence guaranteed by the United States. Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, as the People's Republic of China replaced the Republic of China in 1971 as the official successor state in both the General Assembly and on the Security Council; the People's Republic of China firmly opposes the application of any Taiwanese authorities to join the United Nations either as a member state or as an observer state, and leans heavily diplomatically and economically on other nations that recognise the government of Taiwan.

Chinese Taipei[]

The naming of Taiwan in a particular video game tends to reveals the intent of the game's publisher. If Taiwan in a non-sporting context appears as Chinese Taipei, it means that the game's publisher is explicitly seeking approval of the Chinese government to publish the video game in China. Taiwan does, however, compete internationally as Chinese Taipei in the Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, World Cup, AFC Champions League and AFC Cup, and video games references to these competitions must use the name Chinese Taipei in order to fulfill licencing conditions with the organizers of those respective competitions.


Taiwan most commonly uses Traditional Chinese based on the Standard Form of National Characters, along with Hong Kong and Macau, although sometimes Simplified Chinese is used for convenience.