Tales of Eternia Online (テイルズオブエターニアオンライン Teiruzu obu Etānia Onrain?) (TOEO) is an MMORPG set in the world of the popular Namco PlayStation title, Tales of Eternia (also known as Tales of Destiny II in the US). The game's events occur around the beginning of disc 2 of the original PlayStation game, just after Reid's party crosses over into Celestia from Inferia.

The first of the Tales franchise to be launched as an MMORPG, this title is produced and maintained as a joint venture between Namco and Dwango. Although the game's Japanese release was originally slated for the spring of 2005, the first phase of closed beta testing was greatly delayed and didn't begin until July 7, 2005. The second closed beta test phase was released on January 16, 2006. Open beta was from February 16 til February 28, 2006. The official service was formally released on March 3, 2006.

In January 2007, Namco announced that the game would be taken offline on March 31, 2007, after having gone online for only one year. The reason for the discontinuation of service is due to the declining number of player accounts.

Character Classes

At the moment there are five character classes to choose from, all modeled from some Tales of Eternia fan favorites:

剣士(Kenshi) - Swordsman - Characters modeled from Rassius Luine. Masters of melee combat, their high physical attack power is a welcome addition to any party. They have the capability to wield a variety of weapons, such as swords, long swords, daggers, spears and axes.

戦士(Senshi) - Warrior - The only character class that could equip shields, their high defense and party-oriented defense skills make them an almost indispensable frontliner in every party. Male versions are modeled from the ToE main character Reid Hershell.

聖晶霊術士(Seijou Reijutsu-shi) - Cleric. The female versions are modeled after Meredy. This class specializes in recovery and status-enhancing magic.

魔晶霊術士(Majou Reijutsu-shi) - Mage. The male versions are modeled after Keele Zeibel. This class specializes in devastating magic attacks.

格闘家(Kakutou-ka) - Fighters. This class is modeled after Farah Oersted. The high agility of this class allows them to dodge attacks and perform combos with ease. They also have a limited arsenal of recovery skills.


A Swordsman character attempting to complete a quest at Mintche University. Most of the original PlayStation game's significant locations have been preserved and expanded in ToEO.

Combat and Party System

TOEO utilizes a variation of the familiar Linear Motion Battle System from the original PlayStation game called 0-LMBS (Online Linear Motion Battle System). This gives players a wide range of x-axis movement. Y-axis movement automatically executed, depending on the target's location. As with the original game, there is no z-axis movement.

Each party can have up to four members made up of any combination of character classes. experience is calculated based on the average level of all players in the party, with the high-leveled players getting slightly more experience than low-leveled players in the same party. An "Even Share" configuration is also available, with the exp given by a monster divided equally among the 4 members of the party. Due to the way experience values are calculated, the former arrangement gives more net experience per member. To maximize this, most parties are often composed of members within three levels of each other.

As a side effect of Namco's implementation of 0-LMBS, kill-stealing is not possible. When engaged in combat, a monster and the player/party fighting it are sealed off from outside interference by a yellow aura which prevents other players from engaging the same monster. When assistance is needed from other players outside the aura, any party member can push a panic button that will notify other players to join the battle.

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