Codex Gamicus

This article is very biased. It reads more like a review than an article. Comments like the following are completely unnecessary:

"MMX:CM represents a lot of innovations in the genre. It also represents a lot of bad ideas."

"The hub is so obfuscatingly organized that travel to anywhere other than your next mission is, well, not really worth searching around for."

"The design is sometimes cool, but usually really weird. The game's soundtrack has some good tracks, but the way the game works, most of them will be played so frequently that subsequent listens will incite aneurysms. The sound effects are largely inconsequential."

"Dungeon crawling is pretty boring, and battles aren't terribly exciting too. Overall, Command Mission implemented several new ideas, but in execution it's basically not very fun."

I'm surprised it was nominated for a "Featured" article. I haven't played the game yet so It's best I don't make any changed yet.

Jdsony 22:10, 7 May 2009 (UTC)