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Talvisota game Finnish DVD front cover.jpg
Developer(s) Blitzfront Game Studio
Publisher(s) Nival Interactive (in CIS countries)
Blitzfront Game Studio (in Finland)
Designer Designer Missing
Engine Enigma engine
status Status Missing
Release date 16.11.2007 (CIS countries)
02.10.2008 (Finland)
Genre Real-time tactics, Educational game
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s) VET 12
Platform(s) Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media DVD
Input Keyboard and mouse
Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 1.0 GB free space, DirectX 8.1 compatible video and sound card PII 366 MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM
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Talvisota: Icy Hell (Russian "Talvisota: Ледяной ад") is a real-time tactics and educational computer game, developed by the international developer group Blitzfront Game Studio and is based on the events of Winter War (Template:Lang-fi) conflict of 1939-1940 between Finland and Soviet Union.

Finnish Board of Film Classification determined that the Talvisota: Icy Hell is both the Real-time Strategy and an Educational game.

Game Features[]

  • Two long campaigns for Soviet and Finnish side.[1]
  • Historically accurate.[2]
  • Based on real political and historical events before and during the Winter War.
  • Historical encyclopedia and archives videos.
  • Molotov cocktails, soldiers speaking Russian and Finnish, authentic battle-front reports, airplanes, skiing troops, satchel charges, flamethrower tanks, experimental units.[3]

Development History[]

The game development started from the Russian language online community, which consisted of people from different countries, who were interested in military history and historical games. In 2004 they started wondering why nobody did a game about the Winter War, the highly interesting war conflict, although somewhat unknown to the public. They decided to make the game themselves.[4]

Because of different publishing problems, the game wasn't released for a long time despite development being completely finished.[5] At the end of 2007 the game was finally released in CIS countries in Russian language. A year later, at the end of 2008 the game was released in Finland in English language.

Critical Reception[]

The game received generally positive reviews from game critics.[6][7][8] The main web site of all Finnish historians has reviewed the game from the historical and cultural perspectives and their opinion was generally positive.[9]

There were some negative opinions as well. As an example Finnish Captain Olli Ovaska said that the game claimed, that the Finnish military has attacked USSR on the first day of the war. But according to the game developers, Olli Ovaska misunderstood something as they have never claimed such thing.[10]


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