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Taz: Wanted is an action-adventure video game released in 2002 by Blitz Games. The game is based on the Looney Tunes' character, Tasmanian Devil.


It begins with Taz and She-Devil enjoying romantically at Taz Island. Suddenly, the two are captured by Yosemite Sam and the two are held captive in Sam's Zoo. Then, Sam tells Taz that in order to rescue She-Devil, he has to go to Gladiatoons. After Taz destroys the cage, Sam makes an escape. After escaping, Sam puts wanted posters of Taz. Now, Taz has to get out of the zoo. After acquiring a snowblower, an inflatable life-raft, and an elephant, Taz manages to escape, and confronts Gossamer in a game of Elephant Pong. After winning the game, he follows Sam into the city.

After gaining access to a hot dog sausage, a giant, neon shopping trolley and a cement mixer, he heads straight for the Gladiatoon match. After beating out Daffy Duck, Taz is not reunited with his love but is transported to the Old West where he must get a mine cart and a boulder to access the next boss, where Sam blows up an explosives cache that the two were just battling in. The explosions are so great that they hurl Taz into outer space, before he lands back on his island, only to discover that Sam is trying to build a theme park there. Later, Taz catches up to Sam in a volcano. After trying to get rid of our hero by dipping him into the lava, he attempts to destroy the entire island, again with explosives. Following Sam's defeat, the plot takes a final anticlimactic twist, with Yosemite escaping with a jetpack.

Having had enough for the moment, Taz and She-Devil are raised into Sam's blimp. However, Sam had been placed out of the picture, so who was controlling the craft? To our Devil's astonishment, it was Tweety's idea to construct 'Tazland A-maze-ment Park' all along; Sam being a mere puppet. The two begin to duel. The game ends with Taz activating the blimp's rear cargo door, pushing Tweety and his robot out. While She-Devil had been trying to figure out how to pilot the blimp, Taz accidentally destroys the control panel, causing the craft to crash on the island. Both emerging groggily from the wreckage, She-Devil rants and hands Taz a broom. Then he gets ticked off at what he perceives as ingratitude.


Taz: Wanted has four areas, the first three having the same basic blueprint. There are three levels in each area, each level having seven wanted posters of some variety that must be destroyed with some technique. Once all seven posters are destroyed, a scene will show an area of the level in which something happens that will help Taz get to the new area, such as a gate opening or something breaking. In the new area, Taz gets his hands on something and somehow manages to get it and him back to the HUB. Once the three things are acquired for the area, they can be used to enter a boss arena. The only exception for this is the level Taz: Haunted, in which nothing is brought back, and the final area, with only one level and two bosses. Once the boss is defeated Taz is either blown, shipped, or chased to the next area. To travel between areas, a misplaced door is placed in each one which transports you to Planet X with all the other doors Taz can travel through.


  • Taz - A wild, hungry, and extremely stupid predator, Taz is wanted by Yosemite Sam, who wants to use Taz as a tourist attraction. Taz is trying to rescue his beloved She-Devil. Voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Yosemite Sam - A bad-tempered and dishonest billionaire, Sam aims to capture Taz for his recently opened Taz Land theme park. He manages to capture Taz and the She-Devil, but after Taz escapes, he puts bounty on him to recapture him. Sam is finally defeated by Taz in the Disco Volcano, but it turns out he was actually working for Tweety. Voiced by Maurice Lamarche.
  • Gossamer - A red and hairy monster, Gossamer is one of Sam's minions and the first boss of the game. He is defeated by Taz in a game of Elephant Pong, much to his humiliation. Near the end of the game, Sam accidentally dumps Gossamer into the lava in the Disco Volcano.
  • Tweety - The main antagonist of the game, Tweety assists Taz in finding and destroying Sam's wanted posters, despite thinking Taz is an amateur. In truth, Tweety is the mastermind behind Taz Land and used Sam as a puppet to get his way. He reveals his true intents to Taz "sooner than he expected" and fights Taz using a large robot, but is defeated. Voiced by Joe Alaskey.
  • Daffy Duck - A greedy and arrogant black duck and the second boss of the game, Daffy is the Grand Champion of Sam's Gladiatoons. While preparing to compete against Wile E. Coyote, Taz replaces Wile and manages to beat Daffy. Daffy doublecrosses Taz and takes the reward for himself, but is quickly pushed away by Sam (sometimes, "despicable" just doesn't quite describe it). Voiced by Joe Alaskey.
  • Wile E. Coyote - A super intelligent, but very unlucky coyote, Wile is set to compete against Daffy Duck in Gladiatoons before being replaced by Taz (who smashes into the arena and crushes Wile). Wile then returns to the Wile E. West to capture the Road Runner, but is crushed by Taz's train.
  • Elmer Fudd - The referee of Gladiatoons, he is constantly crushed by the contestants' pods. Voiced by Billy West.


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