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Starting as a second generation three dimensional arcade fighter, Namco's Tekken followed behind Sega's Virtua Fighter, diving headfirst into the arcade arena. Tekken was released in 1994 for the arcade and released as an early title for the then new Sony PlayStation the following year. The game was then released on PlayStation Network in 2011

In 2005, Tekken 1 (As well as Tekken 2 and Tekken 3) were released as a bonus with purchase of Tekken 5.



Tekken is set up as a typical fighter, with two characters, either human controlled or AI, set in a plane facing each other. Unique to Tekken was the button layout, with a button assigned to every limb (right and left punches and kicks). A player could use these basic attacks alone or combine precise button presses in order to pull of character specific special moves. Also innovative in its controls was the use of button buffering. Button buffering allowed a player to hold any number of buttons down, so that when another button was pressed, the game registered that all buttons being held were pressed in unison with the new button actually being used.


Tekken, which means king of iron fist, refers to the tournament which fuels the story. The King of Iron Fist tournament, run by Mishima Zaibatsu Boss Heihachi Mishima, offers up an enormous prize to any fighter who can best the Mishima Zaibatsu king.


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