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Developer {{{developer}}}
Operating System {{{os}}}
Latest version {{{version}}}
First release {{{release}}}
Use {{{use}}}
License {{{license}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Website {{{notes}}}


Template Used For? Uses DPL? Opt. Param.? Req. Param.?
Application Infobox Applications No No No

Copy and paste the following:

{{Application Infobox
|logo = [[Image:CompanyLogo.png|48px]]
|name = 
|image = [[Image:SoftwareBox.jpg|220px]]
|caption = 
|developer = 
|os = 
|version = 
|release = 
|use = 
|license = 
|website = [http://www.myexternallink.com My External Link's Homepage]
|notes = 

Required parameters

The following parameters are required.

  • logo - image; logo of the company that makes the software.
  • name - name of the software.
  • image - image of the product; preferably box art, but could also be a screenshot.
  • caption - caption for the above image.
  • developer - developer of the software.
  • use - use for the software.

Optional parameters

The following parameters are optional. If they are not supplied, the line will not appear.

  • os - operating systems for which it is available.
  • version - current version of the software.
  • release - the release date of the current version.
  • license - the type of license; if it's a common license, such as the GDFL, list that; otherwise, proprietary.
  • website - external website link for the software.
  • notes - any brief notes.