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{{CC}} is an advanced licensing template used for the Creative Commons licences.


  • com - the com parameter is equivalent to the "Allow commercial uses of your work?" option. It can be set to nc to specify a noncommercial license or left blank to specify a licence that allows commercial uses.
  • mod - the mod parameter is equivalent to the "Allow modifications of your work?" option. It can me set to nd to specify a No Derivative Works license, set to sa to specify a Share Alike license, or left blank to specify a license which allows free modification of the work.
  • v - the v parameter is equivalent to the version of the license, normally 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 or 4.0 depending on when the license was given to the work. Please note that while the current default is 3.0, we require editors to specify the correct version as a parameter instead of leaving it to use the default of 3.0 because the default number will be updated as new licenses come out. Note that in version 2.5 a new image was used for the by (Attribution) icon so the template will automatically use the new image when the version is 2.5 or newer.
  • cc- this last parameter is completely optional, it allows for the specification of a country code (eg: ca) to make the license specific to a certain Jurisdiction.
  • attrib - this optional parameter allows for display of extra attribution details.


Used for things which a user has uploaded somewhere.
  • Username is the username of the person who uploaded the file.
  • Interwiki is optional, it specifies the interwiki of the site to link to the user page on if the file was originally uploaded to another MediaWiki site.


Used for things which you have created and are releasing under the selected license.


The default message is just a simple notification that the file under the selected license.

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