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Designer(s) {{{designer}}}

Publisher(s) {{{publisher}}}
Release Date {{{release}}}

Number of Players {{{players}}}
Age Range {{{ages}}}
Setup Time {{{setup}}}

Playing Time {{{playtime}}}
Rules complexity {{{complexity}}}

Template:Card Game Infobox/depth

Random chance {{{chance}}}

Skills required {{{skills}}}
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Template Used For? Uses DPL? Opt. Param.? Req. Param.?
Card Game Infobox Card game No Yes Yes

Copy and paste the following:

{{Card Game Infobox
|title =
|image =
|designer =
|publisher =
|release =
|players =
|ages =
|setup =
|playtime =
|complexity =
|depth =
|chance =
|skills =

Required parameters

The following are required parameters; if they are not supplied, the line will still appear, but with a blank spot where the data should be.

  • title - name of the game.
  • image - image of the game; preferably the box itself, but could also be the cards themselves, or a shot showing everything that comes with it.
  • publisher - publisher of the game.
  • players - number of players; typically a range, e.g. 1-4 players.
  • age range - age range the game is appropriate for, e.g. 3-8.
  • playtime - typical time that it takes to play a complete game.
  • complexity - complexity of the rules.
  • skills - specific pre-requisite skills needed to play this game.

Optional parameters

The following are optional parameters; if they are not supplied, the line will not appear.

  • designer - designer of the game, either a person or a company.
  • release - original release date of the game.
  • setup - typical time it takes to set-up the game for play.
  • depth - strategic depth to the game.
  • chance - amount of random chance involved in the game.

Sub-templates used

See Card Game Infobox sub-templates.