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Real name {{{real_name}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Affiliations {{{alliances}}}
Previous affiliations {{{previous_alliances}}}
Notable powers {{{powers}}}
Notes {{{notes}}}


Template Used For? Uses DPL? Opt. Param.? Req. Param.?
CoH Characterbox City of Heroes/City of Villains characters No Yes Yes

Copy and paste the following:

{{CoH Characterbox
| image = 
| caption = 
| character_name = 
| real_name = 
| character_type = 
| status = 
| alliances = 
| previous_alliances = 
| powers = 
| notes =

Required parameters

The following parameters are required. If a parameter is not supplied, the line will still appear but the area where the data should appear will be blank.

  • image - screenshot or other image of the character.
  • caption - a caption for the image.
  • character_name - Hero name of the character.
  • real_name - civilian name of the character.
  • character_type - must be Villain, Hero, or Other.
  • status - character's status; examples include Alive, Dead, MIA, Retired.
  • powers - what the character is good at.
  • notes - a line or two to sum up the character.

Optional parameters

The following parameters are optional. If a parameter is not supplied, the line will not appear.

  • alliance - current Alliance affiliation of the character.
  • previous_alliances - any previous Alliance affiliations.

Sub-templates used