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This is a template used to display Flags for real-world countries, nation-states, organizations and linguistic identifications, but also allows for the display of fictional depictions of countries, alliances, and organizations. It accepts country names as well as FIFA country designations (to aid it's use for video games that use teams for Association Football clubs). The flag image automatically links to an appropriate article name, and the flag images are appropriately sized so as to allow their use within text.

For listing purposes, "Nations" are countries and territories either considered to be members of FIFA, or important enough as a sovereign nation to be listed. The FIFA members will be able to be represented by their three-letter code. Non-FIFA Countries that also participate in confederation activity will also be listed there.

The template also automatically includes a border, so as to make Flags such as Japan's distinct against backgrounds of the same color.

The template should be called as follows:

{{Flag|United States}} produces this output: United States. Because of the number of flags covered, the lists are divided into sub-pages.

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