Codex Gamicus
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Flag Output Representation Variable call(s)
125px Aden Aden ADE
Flag of Bohemia.svg Bohemia Bohemia BOH
125px British Guiana British Guiana BGU
British Guiana
125px British Honduras British Honduras BHO
British Honduras
125px Hong Kong British Hong Kong British Hong Kong
British Raj Red Ensign.svg British India British India BIN
British India
125px Burma Burma BUR
125px Ceylon Ceylon CEY
Flag of the CIS.svg Commonwealth of Independent States Commonwealth of Independent States CIS
Commonwealth of Independent States
Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Brazzaville COB
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa CKN
125px Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia TCH
Flag of Benin.svg Dahomey Dahomey DAH
Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany East Germany GDR
East Germany
German Democratic Republic
125px Federation of Malaya Federation of Malaya MAL
Federation of Malaya
125px Gold Coast Gold Coast GOC
Gold Coast
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Austria Habsburg Monarchy Habsburg Monarchy
125px Ireland Ireland (1882-1950) EIR
Flag of the Khmer Republic.svg Khmer Republic Khmer Republic Khmer Republic
125px Mandatory Palestine Mandatory Palestine PAL
Mandatory Palestine
125px Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles ANT
Netherlands Antilles
Flag of New Hebrides.svg New Hebrides New Hebrides HEB
New Hebrides
125px North Borneo North Borneo NBO
North Borneo
125px North Vietnam North Vietnam NVO
North Vietnam
125px Northern Rhodesia Northern Rhodesia NRG
Northern Rhodesia
125px Prussia Prussia 1892-1918 Prussia
125px Rhodesia Rhodesia RHO
125px Saar Protectorate Saar Protectorate SAA
Saar Protectorate
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro SCG
Serbia and Montenegro
125px Siam Siam SIA
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union Soviet Union URS
Soviet Union
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Flag of South Vietnam.svg South Vietnam South Vietnam VSO
South Vietnam
Flag of South Yemen.svg South Yemen South Yemen SYE
South Yemen
125px Southern Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia SRH
Southern Rhodesia
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan Taiwan TAI
Flag of Tanganyika.svg Tanganyika Tanganyika TAA
125px United Arab Republic United Arab Republic UAR
United Arab Republic
Flag of Upper Volta.svg Upper Volta Upper Volta UPV
Upper Volta
125px West Germany West Germany FRG
West Germany
Federal Republic of Germany
125px Samoa Western Samoa WSM
Western Samoa
125px Yugoslavia Yugoslavia YUG
125px Zaire Zaire ZAI