Codex Gamicus
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Flag Output Representation Variable call(s)
Flag of South Africa.svg Afrikaans Afrikaans Afrikaans
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Arabic Arabic Arabic
Flag of Australia.svg Australian English Australian English Australian English
Flag of the Basque Country.svg Basque Basque Basque
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarusian Belarusian Belarusian
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British English British English British
British English
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgarian Bulgarian Bulgarian
Flag of Catalonia.svg Catalan Catalan Catalan
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Classical Latin Classical Latin Classical Latin
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatian Croatian Croatian
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Czech Czech
Flag of Denmark.svg Danish Danish Danish
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Dutch Dutch
Flag of Esperanto.svg Esperanto Esperanto Esperanto
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonian Estonian Estonian
Flag of the United States.svg English English English
American English
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroese Faroese Faroese
Flag of Finland.svg Finnish Finnish Finnish
Flag of France.svg French French French
Flag of Scotland.svg Scottish Gaelic Gaelic Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic
Flag of Germany.svg German German German
Flag of Greece.svg Greek Greek Greek
Flag of Israel.svg Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungarian Hungarian Hungarian
Flag of Iceland.svg Icelandic Icelandic Icelandic
Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian
125px 25px Irish Irish
Irish Gaelic
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Italian Italian
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese Japanese Japanese
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean Korean Korean
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvian Latvian Latvian
Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuanian Lithuanian Lithuanian
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourgish Luxembourgish Luxembourgish
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malay Malay Malay
Flag of the Vatican City.svg Medieval Latin Medieval Latin Latin
Medieval Latin
Flag of Norway.svg Norwegian (Bokmål) Norwegian (Bokmål) Norwegian
Bokmål Norwegian
Bokmal Norwegian
Nynorsk flag.svg Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norwegian (Nynorsk) Nynorsk
Nynorsk Norwegian
Flag of Iran.svg Persian Persian Persian
Flag of Poland.svg Polish Polish Polish
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
Flag of Romania.svg Romanian Romanian Romanian
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Russian Russian
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbian Serbian Serbian
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovak Slovak Slovak
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovene Slovene Slovene
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Spanish Spanish
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese
Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish Swedish Swedish
Flag of Switzerland.svg Swiss German Swiss German Swiss German
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Tamil Tamil Tamil
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkish Turkish Turkish
Flag of Thailand.svg Thai Thai Thai
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese
125px 25px Welsh Welsh