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Image is the template used to specify and categorize all visual images on Codex Gamicus. Providing such information will help in organizing data on this wiki. Note: please try to upload the PNG version of a specified file whenever possible, as they have no quality loss.

The following is a pre-made example of what the template should look like; this can be copied and pasted into a new image, and sections that are not used can be deleted.

| game     =
| type     = 
| platform =
| regions  = 
| ratings  =

To call a variable, please do so as follows:

| <variable> = <data>

In order to make data human-readable, it is strongly suggested to maintain spacing between variables and data.


This field corresponds to the image's respective game (if the image does not correspond to a game, leave this field blank)


Used to describe the nature of the image. (Front Cover, Artwork, Screenshot, etc.) Acceptable types can be found below:
Type (aliases) Description Category
Sleeved Front Cover (sleeve front cover) Category:Sleeve Front Covers
Album cover Category:Album Covers
Front cover (front cover art) Category:Front Covers
Rear cover Category:Rear Covers
Full cover Category:Full Covers
Card Category:Trading Card Images
Disc (disc cover) Category:Disc Covers
Disk cover Category:Disk Covers
Cartridge (cartridge cover) Category:Cartridge Images

Note that the field is case insensitive.




For game covers, list any ratings provided on the cover in this field. Acceptable ratings can be found at Template:RatingSwitch.

Note: Do not use linking code ([[ ]]) in any of the fields. Any linking necessary will be provided automatically.