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Please note: The following lists within this template are automated: {{{1}}}. That means you DO NOT add a page to the template itself for these categories. When you make a new page for one of these categories, as long as you add the {{{{{2}}}}} template and the appropriate optional parameter, the page will automatically show up in the template. Other pages must be manually added to the template.


This template is intended for use in the Usage documentation section of other templates. It merely inserts a note that one or more of the lists within the template are automated, and therefore inserting pages into them manually should not be done. An example of its' output can be seen on Myst series.

Copy and paste the following:


Required parameters

There are two required parameters:

  • listnames is simply a comma-separated list of the lists that are automated.
  • pagename is the name of the template itself; it can be inserted automatically by simply using {{PAGENAME}}, as seen above.

Optional parameters

There are no optional parameters for this template.