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Creator {{{creator}}}
System {{{system}}}
Supported games {{{games}}}
Release date {{{released}}}
Inputs {{{inputs}}}
Rarity {{{rarity}}}

Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
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Template Used For? Uses DPL? Opt. Param.? Req. Param.?
Peripheralbox Display peripheral information on a peripheral article No No Yes

Copy and paste the following:

{{Peripheralbox| title = Title Goes Here
|image = [[Image:Boxart.jpg|220px]]
|system = [[system name]]
|creator = [[Creator name]]
|games = List of games
|released = [[Release Date]], ([[Country]])
|inputs = # buttons, etc.
|rarity = 

Required parameters

The following parameters are required. If they are not supplied, the line will still appear, but with a blank spot where the data should be.

  • title - You should know this. Usually the same as the name of the page.
  • image - A picture of the peripheral. If you don't have it, leave it blank. No need for "frame" or "thumb" tags here.
  • creator - Refers to the company that created the peripheral.
  • system - Refers to the system the peripheral is compatible with.
  • games - A short list of games that are designed to work with this game.
  • released - Date when the peripheral came out. Listing the country is optional, but helpful.
  • inputs - Refers to the number and kind of inputs on the peripheral.
  • rarity - Refers to how difficult this peripheral is to find.

Optional parameters

There are no optional parameters.