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The Bart Bonte collection is a collection of Flash games developed and published by indie developer Bart Bonte. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on May 3, 2021, and was made as a response to the death of Adobe Flash.


This game is a collection of 28 old Flash games made by Bart Bonte in 2000s. They are packaged and remastered for modern software and hardware, and they are all accessible from a selection menu with loads of achievements.

List of games[]

    A bark in the dark
    A Bonte escape
    Cat in Japan
    Factory Balls
    Factory Balls 2
    Factory Balls 3
    Factory Balls 4
    Full Moon
    In Drmzzz
    Loose the moose
    Me and the Key
    Me and the Key 2
    Me and the Key 3
    Must pop words
    Sugar, Sugar
    Sugar, Sugar 2
    Sugar, Sugar 3
    What's inside the box?
    Where is cat?

  • Note: Bonte Room 1 and 2 aren't currently available.

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